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Hostel Mousiko Pandohio - Steni, Euboea Greece
The Host
Welcome! I'll say a few words about myself so that when we meet you feel as if you have known me for years.
I was born in Florina, where I finished high school before going to Australia for studies. I studied IT at RMIT University in Melbourne before continuing my studies at the Conservatorium of Melbourne "MELBA", graduating with specialization in guitar. I then went on to do post graduate studies at the NEW ENGLAND UNIVERSITY on film music composition.

Τάσος Ιωαννίδης

I have composed music for over a hundred productions including films, TV programs, documentaries, children's television series, cartoons and educational programs. These include Australian productions that have been released internationally. Among them, the film “The Silver Brumby” starring Russell Crowe, for which I received the First Film Music Award 1994 in Australia.  I have also composed music for over 20 theatrical productions, ten of which have been presented at the Play House - Arts Centre in Melbourne. This was while I was a composer-in-residence with the National Theatre of Australia MTC for two years.

My music has also been played by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Melbourne, the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra and I have given numerous concerts throughout Australia, which I have also represented at international music festivals.  I have served as Board Member of the Performing Arts Board of the Australia Council for the Arts as well as Artistic Director of the Festival 'Antipodes' in Melbourne.
My work was heard in Greece for the first time in 1984, when the late Melina Mercouri, Minister for Culture at the time and the Athens Arts Festival, invited me to present my work in Greece.  I gave two concerts at Lycabettus Theatre and ten concerts around the rest of Greece, presenting my work "Ta Paratragouda" - a "musical documentary" that refers to the experiences of migrant Greeks in Australia. 

The exposure of my work in Greece led to signing up with Lyra Records for the release of two records, ‘‘Σινιάλο’’ with Kostas Karalis and Electra, and "Ta Paratragouda" with Glykeria and Isidora Sideri.
The year 2000 was of great significance to me.  I had the deep-felt need to reconnect with my birthplace Greece.  My son Kimon, was about to go to High School so the decision to relocate was becoming pressing.  My wife Eleftheria and I made the decision to return.  And so, I abandoned an enviable career, to start from scratch in Greece.  I do not regret it for a moment.

In 2001, I presented in Greece my Symphonic Oratorio “Apocalypse” based on the text of the Book of Revelations at the prestigious Odeon of Herod Atticus – the Roman theatre at the foot of the Acropolis.  The constituents included the ERT Symphonic Orchestra, the Athens Choir, two tenors (Giannis Christopoulos and Ev. Hatzisimos), a baritone (Kyros Patsalides), a soprano (Maria Mitsopoulou) and a narrator (John Fertis).

In the meantime I continued to work with filmmakers in Australia.

Later, I released a CD with EMI entitled “Na les to s’agapo san mystiko” on Lyrics by Panos Stathogiannis and with singers Lavrentis Macheritsas, Philipos Pliatsikas and Maria Papaleontiou. Three children’s CDs followed entitled “Laxana kai Xaxana” which have since become platinum. Each CD featured prominent guest artists.  In the first of the three CDs, Maria Farantouri, the late Eugenios Spatharis and Elias Mamalakis honoured my work with their participation.  The second CD, was graced with the iconic voices of Eleni Vitali and Glykeria. 

The third CD, featured the talented and popular Fotini Darra and Pantelis Thalassinos.  These CDs have been warmly welcomed by parents and teachers, but most importantly, loved by children.  In June 2011, under the auspices of the Greek Education Ministry, I gave a sold – out “Laxana kai Xaxana” concert for my young friends at the Athens Concert Hall with the ERT Symphony Orchestra and a 120-children choir. I have started recently  to record a personal CD, with songs that you can hear during our music nights at the Music Lodge “Mousiko Pandoxeio”.

Now, what about the Music Lodge…..!!
The estate in Steni was bought originally as a weekender for the family to get away from the busy city life.  I loved the serenity and beauty of the landscape and gradually found I was becoming very attached to both the place and the people.  The locals welcomed me warmly and I made good friends in the area.  To my pleasant surprise, many locals were real music-philes who organised music nights and impromptu concerts.  Friends enjoyed visiting and were so inspired by the surroundings we’d spend endless hours writing songs and playing music while drinking locally-made ‘tsipouro’!    So I had an idea…encouraged by friends and family I thought of turning this rather large house, into a ‘musical lodge’.  A place where I could gather friends, acquaintances and friendly strangers and share with them the joy of music.

I worked with the interior designer Afroditi Aslanidou on the designs of the space and the furniture.  I wanted the Music Lodge to be a place which inspires, which excites all the senses, a place of art.  I wanted each room to have a unique artistic stimulus.  Out of this desire, was born the idea of creating metal headboards depicting a musical motif – beautiful women playing musical instruments.  I worked closely with the sculptor and painter Margarita Randeva who turned the idea into reality.  I think the sculptures make the inn a unique space.

My whole family worked with passion and assisted me greatly in creating the Lodge. Kimon helped in the construction of the sculptures, the sand blasting, the polishing and the creation of the fence. Artemis designed the door- handles, Eleftheria is responsible for the decor and colour schemes. Ermione, the youngest member of the family (eleven years old now) promptly informed us that she would undertake the Lodge’s management! I spent a whole year commuting between Steni and Athens while the renovations were underway. 
We tried to make the Lodge a welcoming and inspiring space that would firstly appeal to us. "Only then can we love and support it." And so it happened!

I welcome you to the «Μousiko Pandoheio».
Tassos Ioannides

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